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Coastal Community Planning and Development Training: A Focus on Coastal Community Resilience

The Coastal Community Planning and Development (CCPD) Training is a two-day course designed to actively engage participants in learning about alternatives to how and where growth and development will occur in their communities.  The course provides participants with examples, strategies, and resources to support alternative development efforts in coastal areas.The course will illustrate the importance of considering natural hazards and climate change when planning in their communities.

TheCoastal Community Planning and Development training is being adapted to the Coastal Storms Program Pacific Islands project area to focus more on coastal community resilience and issues facing island communities.  Participants will be able to understand, plan, and guide efforts to implement alternative growth and development approaches in their coastal communities, while educating them on the impacts of natural hazards and climate change.  The training will leave participants with options for how they can start addressing these issues in their community planning efforts.

The training was created and will be conducted by the NOAA Coastal Service Center.  Staff located at NOAA Pacific Services Center and Hawaii Sea Grant will be trained to continue to provide this course after the Coastal Storms Program has transitioned from the Pacific Islands.   For more information on the course, go to

Contact Information:

Russell Jackson
NOAA Coastal Service Center
Susan Fox
NOAA Coastal Services Center
Steve Frano
NOAA Ocean and Coastal Resource Management located at the Pacific Services Center