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Request for Proposals

University of Hawai'i Sea Grant College Program
2018-2020 Biennial Grant Award Cycle


For detailed information, please download and read the requst for proposals HERE.

To receive consideration, preliminary proposals are due electronically via the Hawai‘i Sea Grant proposal
submission website, eProjects ( no later than 5:00pm (Hawai‘i Standard Time), Wednesday, November 30, 2016. This is also where you will find instructions and templates for submittal. Principal Investigators are encouraged to submit electronically via eProjects well prior to the deadline to avoid delays associated with heavy internet traffic during the day on which proposals are due. Hard-copy, faxed or emailed proposals, ancillary information or appendices will not be accepted nor evaluated. For detailed submission instructions and format guidelines see the Hawai‘i Sea Grant eProjects website listed above. For questions on eProjects submission, please contact Dr. Hal Richman (808-956-8191; For questions concerning preliminary proposal content, please contact Ms. Maya Walton (808-956-6992; or Dr. Darren Lerner (808-956-7031; For questions on fiscal matters, please contact Ms. Darlene Kiloglu (808-956-3009; Full proposals will be invited from successful peer reviewed and refereed preliminary proposals.

Preliminary proposals from principal investigators or co-investigators, who have failed to meet Hawai‘i Sea Grant fiscal and administrative reporting requirements, will not be considered.

Graduate Trainee Requests
Please note: there is an entry opportunity in the on-line application within eProjects to request a graduate
student trainee. DO NOT include costs for a graduate student trainee in preliminary proposal budgets,
simply indicate as directed in the application that you wish to be considered for such support. Please note,
however, that should you be requesting a graduate trainee and submitting a full proposal, you will be required to demonstrate and provide 50 percent non-federal funding match for all graduate trainee funds awarded. The match requirement for a graduate assistant is $18,230. This is based on a total value of $36,459 composed of $23,028 (GA Step 9) salary, $2,738 fringe benefits (11.89% est.), and Indirect Cost of $10,693 (41.50% of total cost).

How many proposals can I submit?
An individual may not participate as a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Investigator (Co-I) on more than two
preliminary proposals submitted to Hawaii Sea Grant. Preliminary proposals in excess of the limit for any PI
or Co-I will be returned without review.