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Maggie Calmes

2017 Peter Rappa Fellow

Maggie Calmes is working on her master's degree in Urban Planning at Hunter College in New York City, with a focus on smart coastal development, sea level rise adaptation, and sustainable tourism. Maggie is thrilled to live, learn, and work in Hawaii during her Rappa Fellowship, and hopes to apply some of SeaGrant's research to her work on resilient and affordable housing in upper Manhattan. For her 2017 Rappa Fellowship project, Maggie and Shellie Habel, another Rappa fellow and UH PhD student, are evaluating Hawaii's county and statewide adaptation plans, creating an easy-to-search collection of municipal adaptation techniques from across the world, and assisting with SeaGrant's King Tides citizen scientist project.

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Contact Information

(808) 956-2872
(808) 956-3014

2525 Correa Rd., HIG 205, Honolulu, HI 96822