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Hawaiʻi Sea Grant Research Podcasts

Podcast #1: Fish flow

Meet Dr. Brian Bowen and Michael Hoban and learn about their project tracking important aquaculture fish species from egg production to the reefs where they settle and grow.

Podcast #2: Loko iʻa

Meet Dr. Rob Toonen and Kaleonani Hurley and hear about their study of historical harvesting practices of crab populations in Hawaiian fishponds (or loko i'a) and the applicability to today's management practices. 

Podcast #3: Urban understandings and changing coasts

Meet Dr. Daniele Spirandelli and Theresa Dean and delve into the vulnerability of Hawaiʻi's wastewater infrastructure to a changing climate.

Podcast #4: Is it fresh or saltwater?

Meet Dr. Henrietta Dulai and Trista McKenzie and learn about their efforts to map submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) into Kaneohe Bay and to measure the nutrient flow from groundwater compared with streams.

Podcast #5: The two-to-three-day rule

Meet Dr. Craig Nelson and Krissy Remple and hear about their attempts to develop a new rapid, cost-effective tool to determine water quality where groundwater contamination might occur.

Podcast #6: Filter feeders

Meet Dr. Brian Popp and Leilei Shih as they describe their project to evaluate the role of a recent invasive sponge population in Kanaohe Bay--for bad or good.

Podcast #7: Hawaiian Water

Meet Dr. Michael Roberts and Nathan DeMaagd and discover the intricacies of the economics of shifting water demands in the face of climate change.

Podcast #8: Humans, water, and rocks

Meet Dr. Craig Glenn, Michael Mathioudakis, and Daniel Dores as they share their work on using drones and water sampling to track groundwater contaminants flowing into Kaneoha Bay.

Podcast #9: Fish stress out, too!

Meet Dr. Andre Seale and Dr. Fritzie Brady and learn about their experiments to examine physiological responses in grown tilapia to hormone and pesticide exposure in their early developmental stages.