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Beach Management Plan for Maui

The Beach Management Plan for Maui seeks to introduce a new set of concepts and tools that are necessary to move away from ad-hoc, permit-by-permit, reactionary management characterizing coastal zone administration on Maui. The Plan also provides information regarding traditional shoreline management issues and practices that are, or could be effective, if properly implemented with political will and true determination to protect the public trust.  Ultimately, the Plan seeks to promote beach preservation and sustainable development of the coastal zone. It is intended to serve as a guiding policy document in the style of “COEMAP”, the Hawaii Coastal Erosion Management Plan adopted by shoreline administrators in the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. The Maui Plan offers specific recommendations and mechanisms for balancing competing interests that must be implemented as minimum criteria for any made for public domain oceanfront lands.

Beach Management Plan for Maui
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PDF icon Maui beach management plan (2.89 MB)
Publication Date
January 2008